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ScoreLynx has been around for 12 years now. It was the first and best golf leader board app available. But move over ScoreLynx because ScoreLynxPro is here.

ScoreLynxPro builds on the legacy ScoreLynx experience of over 1/2 million scores, 10’s of 1000’s of users, and 1000’s of games played since its inception, to bring you a best of class golf leaderboard application to support all your group golfing needs, and also to support the management of game and skins payouts. ScoreLynxPro is also collaborating with top golf instructors to allow them to leverage your playing data, to tune and customize golf instruction to your particular needs.

With the ScoreLynxPro leaderboard you will always know where you are in the field in casual or tournament play. The leaderboard will also show you up to date Skins game results as well as game and skins payouts as the game progresses.

For wagering keep up on the competition even if they’re not in your foursome today.

Supports a spectator mode, allowing you to watch a game even if you are not participating. Great for parents of junior players  or if you just can’t make one weekend and you want to keep an eye on your golf buddies.

For help contact me at neil@scorelynx.com.

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