IOS instructions:

To setup a game, keep score, or just observe a ScoreLynx game, follow these directions:

Using the “Games” tab (at the bottom of the screen, first create and then select a unique group name for your group. Choose “Scorer” if you will be entering scores for the game, or select “Watcher” if you just want to view the game’s leaderboards. You can delete or edit a group name by swiping left on the group you want to edit or delete.

Next, select an existing game (perhaps already setup by your group administrator), or create a new game. If creating a new game then supply the game date,  game type, skins type, and course (contact us to create a custom course if your course is not available yet). When setting up a new game you can also optional setup the payout options for the game. Payout options include Game Ante (the amount per player that will be paid out to the winners of this game), Skins Ante (the amount per player that will be paid out the winners of skins) and Payouts (the payout percentages to pay for each winning place in the game, e.g. 60% for 1st place, 40% for 2nd).

Finally you can select a game to “mirror”. When a game is “mirroring” that means it’s using the players and/or teams that were setup for the game that is being mirrored. Only existing games on the same game date can be used as games to mirror. This can be used to setup Nassau type formats by first creating a “front nine” game, then create a “back nine” game and mirror it to the front nine game you setup. You could create a full 18 hole game too and also mirror it to the original front nine game. The result would be 3 simultaneous games, all using the same set of posted scores for the players in the game.

You can also create additional games, on the same game date that are independent of each other. For this you would setup teams/players on each of the games you create. The games on the same date will still use a single set of entered scores. You can use this to create a “big” game with all the players in a group, and then one or more “side” games with subsets of the players.

Once you’ve either created a new game or have just displayed the existing games for a group, select a game. If you’re a scorer then ScoreLynx will take you to the Teams page if the game type is ” Add Teams” or a Players page if the game type is “Add Players”.  If a watcher (i.e. spectator) then you will not be able to add/edit/delete teams or players.

If you are setting up a “Teams” game, you can now either select an existing team or create a new one. You can also edit or delete a team by swiping left on the team name (hint, try selected left anywhere in the app for additional options). Select the team, and you’re taken to the “Add Players” page. If the team was previously setup then you’ll see the players on this team. You can add players here, delete them or edit one (swipe left on the player name) in order to change a player’s name or their handicap.

If you are setting up a “Players” game, then it’s very similar to the above for setting up Teams, but instead of first selecting a team, you directly start adding the players who will be playing in the selected game.

If you are a seasoned pro of ScoreLynx, this is where things start to get different with ScoreLynxPro. In Pro there is a new concept called “Scorecards” (tap the Scorecards tab at the bottom of the screen). A Scorecard is just what it sounds like, it lets you post scores for one or more players. A scorecard is given a name, so it’s easy to identify. The players on a scorecard can be but don’t have to be on the same team.

After adding players to a scorecard, tap on “Start Scoring” to see the scorecard (NOTE: the ScoreLynxPro scorecard is oriented vertically instead of the horizontal scorecard one saw in ScoreLynx). By tapping the scorecard you bring up a ScoreEntry dialog that allows you to “Post” scores for players.

To view the game’s leaderboard(s) you select the Leaderboard tab at the bottom of the screen. This displays a tabbed set of Team/Player/Skins/Payout leaderboards. You can switch from one to the other by selecting the type of leaderboard you want to see. Tap the refresh button at the top right corner to refresh the leaderboard with the most recent posted scores. Tapping a team, player, or skin on their respective leaderboards will bring you to a “detail” screen for the particular leaderboard type.

Android setup instructions: Coming soon…