RangeFlagFinder (RFF) is an iOS application that will show you distances to flags on a driving range. By default RFF will load a default range that maps the flags from Raintree CC in Charlotte, NC, but you can use the “setup” tab to select from a set of driving ranges, or also via the “setup” tab you can create your own custom range and flags. To create your own Range:

1. ¬†Go to the “Select Range” page.

2. Create a new range by tapping the “+” icon in the upper right.

3. Enter the range name and then select “Flags”.

4. From the “Select/Add Flags” page, create 1 or more flags by tapping the “+ icon in the upper right.

5. On the “Add/Edit Flag” page, you can either manually enter the flag’s gps latitude and longitude (you can find the gps coordinates using google maps) or you can select “Start Locating” to get live coordinates on your phone. If using live coordinates, walk your phone to the location of the flag. Watch the average and current location fields. When they stabilize (display the same values or close to the same values), tap the “copy” icon, to load those values into the locations fields. Also tap the color swatch and select a flag color. When you have filled in both gps location fields, and selected a color you can select “Save Flag” to add this flag to your range. Repeat this for all the flags on your range.

6. Once you’ve completed adding new flags, tap the “Add Flags” button to save these to your new range. When you’ve entered a Range name and 1 or more flags you can select “Add Range” to add your range to the available list of ranges.

7. Search for your new range in the Select Range page, and select it by tapping it. This will make your new range the selected range in the app. The app will remember your choice if you restart it.

8. Now return to the Flags tab, and select “Find Flags” to see the distances to your flags. Note: you must be within 300 yards of a flag for it to appear.


That’s it. Distance accuracy may vary, depending on weather, visibility, location of your range and other factors. Continue to allow the app to locate your position for a few seconds to get the best possible distance measurements.

From the Setup page you can choose to display the distances in yards or meters. This choice will also be remembered by RFF.


Enjoy using the app and please send feedback or questions using the contact page, or email to neil@scorelynx.com.