To setup, score, or just observe a ScoreLynx game, follow these directions:

First create and then select a unique group name for your group. Choose “Scorer” if you will be entering scores for the game, or select “Watcher” if you just want to view the game’s leaderboards.

Next, select an existing game (perhaps already setup by your group administrator), or create a new game. If creating a new then supply the game date,  game type (several common and some uncommon games are available), skin type (several common and uncommon skin types are available), and course (administrators can easily create a custom course if your course is not available yet). Select the game. If you’re a scorer then ScoreLynx will take you to the Teams page, if a spectator then ScoreLynx will now go directly to the leaderboard.

You can now either select an existing team or create a new one. You can also edit or delete a team by swiping left on the team name. Select the team, and you’ll navigate to the Players page. If the team was previously setup then you’ll see the players on this team. You can add players here, delete them or edit them (swipe left on the player) in order to change a player’s name or their handicap. While ScoreLynx is free to download and run from the app store, if you are a Scorer and wish to add more than one player to a team, ScoreLynx will request that you purchase a one time feature. After purchasing this feature form the AppStore, you will be able to add as many players as you wish to this or any other game you join.

Finally tap on “Go To Leaderboard” to see the full leaderboard. As new teams/players are added they will show up on the leaderboard. To force a refresh of the leaderboard you can pull down to refresh the scores. The leaderboard view can display the Team, Player or Skins leaders. Tap for your selection, or swipe right or left to switch boards. On the player board you can tap the player’s name to see a mini scorecard of their whole round to date. Tap again to hide the mini scorecard.

In order to enter scores for the players on the team you are scoring for, turn your phone sideways to reveal a full sized scorecard. Tapping on the scorecard will bring up a score entry panel. You can enter or edit a player’s score. Tap Post Score to record that score. Once posted other people either scoring or watching this game will see the change on their leaderboard and/or mini scorecards. You can enter scores for as many players and holes as you wish. To dismiss the score entry panel just tap anywhere outside the panel.

Turning your phone back to portrait orientation will refresh and redisplay the leaderboard.

Continue to enter scores as holes are completed in your matches, and return to the leaderboard to see where all the competitors stand in your game at all times.